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Attention paid to choosing wedding dresses in winter

by J. Francis, data:2013-09-17 15:36:35

First, material & color
The best material of weddings gowns in winter is acrylic cotton satin, velvet, thick satin and fine mesh gauze. Avoid mini length, sheath silhouette and over-bared style or you will feel cold and the guests will have visual oppression. You’d better try some warm or shining colors, which will bring life to the wedding in the frozen winter.

Second, silhouette & embellishment
Wedding gown is the most beautiful dress during a woman' s lifetime, and strapless gown is the most likely to show women’s charming. It is simple but sexy and graceful with personality. But due to the cold weather, brides always have a pity to give up the strapless gown for it cannot help to resist the cold. However, a piece of soft feather shawl can help to both keep you warm and make you more gorgeous. Matching a handbag edged by feather, you will be more luxurious.

Third, comfort & fitness
Due to the thick material used of the winter wedding dresses, the fitness is especially important. To judge whether a gown is fit for you, you can lift your arms over your head, dance for a while, sit down with your legs crossed and walk in the store with your waist bended. If all these can be done well, the gown is fit for you.

Be precautious to the aforementioned events and you will be both beautiful and warm in the wedding.

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